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English Audio Request

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Children usually live with their parents, but until what age? 20?25?
Stephen Richardson, a social psichologist, studies the lifestyles of young people in Britain and the USA. He says that today many young people live at home when they are 25 or more. They are happy to live with their parents, go out at night, and spend their money on mobile phones and designer clothes. It's not only university students, but also young people who have jobs and earn money.
In many other European countries children leave home later. In Italy, for example, 30% of men and 18% women between 30 and 34 live with their parents. This week in Naples a judge decided that Giuseppe Andreoli, aged 70, must pay €750 a month to his ex-wife for their son Marco. Marco lives with his mother, but he's not a child, hi's a 30-year-old lawyer!




July 16, 2011

Amusing text! Only a couple minor errors: it should be "25 or older," and near the bottom, "30% of men and 18% of women."

July 16, 2011

Thank you for helping me!


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