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English Audio Request

225 Words / 5 Recordings / 4 Comments
Note to recorder:

Slowly, please.

Four foreigners in Britain talk about the people and the country...

Nicolae from Romania works in a pub in Manchester: British people like children but not in retaurants or pubs. In my pub we have a rule: "No children under 12". People in Britain drink a lot of coffee- cappuccino and espresso are really popular. They drink a lot of beer too- men and women.

Alexandra from Russia is a student at Bristol University: This is not a good country for smokers! Many coffee bars and restaurants are "no smoking". I live with three British students and they don't smoke. When I want a cigarette I go into the garden.

Carlos is a tourist from Spain: People read the newspaper everywhere: on the train, on the bus,at the bus stop... And the newspapers are really big! Cars stop in Britain when you stand on the zebra crossing- it's incredible! Cars don't stop for you in Madrid.

Marília from Brazil works as an au pair in Cambridge: I think my British family is typical. The woman doesn't cook- she just puts a pizza in the microwave. But she watches cooking programmes on TV every day! The man cooks at the weekend- he makes fantastic Indian curries. Their child has a terrible diet. She eats "fish fingers" and chips and she goes to Burger King every week.



July 13, 2011

Thank you for all of your Spanish recordings! I really appreciate all your help!

July 13, 2011

Hi rmari! I hope you don't mind that I recorded this text about Britian with my American accent. ^^; I tried to read it slowly like you requested.

I added "he said" or "she said" to the passages describing what the foreigners said, because I thought it was a little confusing otherwise.

Also, to me "at the weekend" is incorrect, so I changed it to "on the weekends". However, it is possible that they say "at the weekend" in British English, so you might want to ask a British person. =)

July 18, 2011

Hope this isn't too fast! I have problems slowing down my speech :)
I've never heard anyone say 'on the weekends'. 'At the weekend' is correct for British English.

July 18, 2011

Additionally: Americans seem to say 'zeebra'. The more British way to say that would be 'zebbra', as I've recorded. It's also 'Caymbridge', with a long 'a' - not 'cam' like 'camera'. Hope this isn't confusing!


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