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English Audio Request

323 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Read it clearly and not so fast, please. Thank you!

1.- The initials VIP stand for Very Important person.
2.- Scientists are mystified by the sudden increase in the world's temperature. They are quite unable to account for it.
3.- I don't think he will ever completely get over his wife's death. He will always miss her.
4.-. John works in that office. I quite often run into him in the streets round here.
5.- I can't think of a way to get round the problem.
6.- She has a very pleasant manner. I am sure the children will take to her at once.
7.- He expects to come into a lot of money in his grandfather's will.
8.- My father and I have the same character. I take after him much more than my mother.
9.- If they go back on their promise. I will never trust them again.
10.- You must make your suggestion to the director. Then it will be up to him to decide.
11.- He missed a month's school though illness, so now he will have to work hard to catch up with the orher pupils.
12.- I don't think I can put up with this noise any longer. I am going mad.
13.- I am sorry we had to cancel the party, but to make up for it let's all go to the cinema.
14.- The growing use of credit cards may ultimately do away with cash altogether.
15.- There are some strange noises coming from Jane's room. What on earth can she be up to?
16.- I am afraid they are very snobbish. They look down on their poorer relations.
17.- It is past midnight an I am tired. I think I will turn in.
18.- I waited nearly an hou for them, but they didn't turn up.
19.- After all the trouble you hav taken, I hope your plans don't fall through.
20.- There is a very real fear that war may break out soon.




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