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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please.

Reported Speech
"He‘s American" she said.
She said he was American.
"I‘m happy to see you", Mary said.
Mary said that she was happy to see me.
He asked, "Are you busy tonight?"
He asked me if I was busy tonight.
"Dan is living in San Francisco", she said.
She said Dan was living in San Francisco.
He said, “I’m making dinner”
He told me that he was making dinner.
"Why are you working so hard?" they asked.
They asked me why I was working so hard.
"We went to the movies last night," he said.
He told me they had gone to the movies last night.
Greg said, "I didn’t go to work yesterday."
Greg said that he hadn’t gone to work yesterday.
"Did you buy a new car?" she asked.
She asked me if I had bought a new car.
"I was working late last night," Vicki said.
Vicki told me she had been working last night.
They said, "We weren’t waiting long."
They said that they hadn’t been waiting long.
He asked, "Were you sleeping when I called?"
He asked if I had been sleeping when he called.
Heather said, "I have already eaten."
Heather told me that she had already eaten.
"We haven’t been to China," they said.
They said they hadn’t been to China.
"Have you worked here before?" I asked.
I asked her whether she had worked there before.
"I have been studying English for two years,"he said.
He said he had been studying English for two years.
Steve said, "We have been dating for over a year now."
Steve told me that they had been dating for over a year.
"Have you been waiting long?" they asked.
They asked whether I had been waiting long.
"I had been to Chicago before for work," he said.
He said that he had been to Chicago before for work.
She said, "I had been dancing for years before the accident."
She said she had been dancing for years before the accident.