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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thanks!

When she saw the broken chair the teacher said she wouldn't let us go home until the person who was responsible for the damage owned up. In the end Brian Olgivie said he had done it, but that it had been an accident. He made up a story about falling over backwards onto it and the chair just falling apart under his weight. Our teacher will believe anything and she was completely taken in by his words, totally unaware that the chair had been broken in an act of pure vandalism. She let him off with nothing more than an unconvincing warning.
But he didn't get away with it. The next day the teacher found out the truth when she overheard Olgivie showing off to his friends in another class about how he had managed to deceive the teacher. The headteacher was informed, and after looking into the incident, decided to suspend him for a month.




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