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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thanks!

2000 bilingual phrases – 31
1. That is not my line.
2. He works following the lines of his predecessor.
3. You are on the right lines.
4. We have to keep our men in line.
5. That man is lining his pockets.
6. I'm going to line this skirt.
7. The road was lined with poplars.
8. Long live the queen!
9. My brother lives like a king.
10. Live and let life.
11. We live from hand to mouth.
12. He was interviewed live on television.
13. He lived up to his promise.
14. That's a load of rubbish.
15. He was talking a load of nonsense.
16. Don't worry, the documents are under lock and key.
17. They were locked in mortal combat.
18. The bullet lodged in his lung.
19. Several arrows lodged in the door.
20. I lodged a complaint at the bank.
21. It will be much better in the long run.
22. The boss's face is a mile long this morning.
23. Let's talk about the long and the short of the matter.
24. We shan't be long.
25. By the look of her, she is ill.
26. He did look a fool.
27. It looks like snow.
28. He is a man who doesn't look his age.
29. That man looks like a thief.
30. She wants to cut loose from her family.
31. That boy has a very loose tongue.
32. There's a murderer on the loose.
33. Music is lost on me.
34. He was lost in thought.
35. Don't lose your temper.
36. We don't stand to lose anything.
37. He sat in his armchair, lost to the world.
38. Get lost!
39. He was at a loss.
40. He was at a loss for words.




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