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English Audio Request

286 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. My friend dodged military service.
2. We have to dodge the traffic.
3. Barking dogs don't bite.
4. Dead dogs don't bite.
5. Let sleeping dogs lie.
6. He doesn't have a dog's chance.
7. He died a dog's death.
8. The country has gone to the dogs.
9. He leads a dog's life.
10. My father is a door-to-door salesman.
11. It was a revolving door.
12. She slammed the door in my face.
13. The team was three down.
14. He is down with 'flu.
15. This family has come down in the world.
16. The workers downed tools.
17. They are throwing their money down the drain.
18. We've got problems with the drains.
19. They are going to drain him dry.
20. I feel drained of energy.
21. They drew lots to see who would go.
22. He drew his hand across his forehead.
23. The little boat drew near the liner.
24. Draw up a chair and sit down.
25. The nights are drawing in.
26. Go to the bank and draw some money from the account.
27. I have a front-wheel drive.
28. The sea drove the ship on to the rocks.
29. She has a lot of drive.
30. That boy is driving me crazy.
31. There is a drop from the hill to the valley.
32. You have had a drop too much.
33. The student dropped a clanger.
34. I'll drop you at the station.
35. She dropped her eyes.
36. It dropped out of my mind.
37. Let the matter drop now.
38. It's fine weather for the ducks.
39. There is a train due at five.
40. I'll hand it in, in due time.




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