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English Audio Request

302 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. Don't put the cart before the horse.
2. I'm out of cash.
3. We'll send it to you Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.).
4. Not many votes were cast in his favour.
5. He cast the line into the water.
6. The die is cast.
7. She was cast as Ophelia.
8. She cast a spell on him.
9. Let's hope that this will cast light on this affair.
10. She cast the evil eye on him.
11. They cast loose.
12. He cast his eyes down.
13. You couldn't swing a cat in here.
14. He let the cat out of the bag.
15. It's raining cats and dogs.
16. Let's see which way the cat jumps.
17. When the cat is away, the mice will play.
18. It's like setting the cat among the pigeons.
19. When candles are away, all cats are grey.
20. Before the exam she was like a cat on hot bricks.
21. He hasn't a cat in hell's chance of winning the race.
22. He looks like something the cat dragged in.
23. He grinned like a Cheshire cat.
24. The pullover caught on a nail.
25. He could just catch a glimpse of her.
26. Astonished, he caught his breath.
27. You'll never catch me doing that.
28. The barn caught fire.
29. I have to catch up with my work.
30. My father is a chain smoker.
31. He appealed to the chair.
32. We'll have to take the chance.
33. We saw it by sheer chance.
34. He doesn't stand a chance.
35. He brought charges against her.
36. You can reverse the charges.
37. I'm going to take charge of this.
38. My ruse worked like a charm.
39. He fell victim to her charms.
40. My troubles were charmed away




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