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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Natural speed please. Thank you.

The soldiers gathered them up, all up, and put them in camps. They hunted them and ran them down until they got all of them. Even before they were loaded in wagons, many of them got sick and died. They were all grief stricken, they lost all on earth they had. White men even robbed their deads’ graves to get their jewelry. They saw to stay was impossible and Cherokees told Gen. Scott they would go without further trouble and the long journey started. Most of them walked. Many of them died along the way. They buried them where they died, in unmarked graves. The road they traveled, history calls the ‘‘Trail of Tears’’. This trail was more than tears. It was death, sorrow, hunger, exposure, and humiliation to a civilized people as were the Cherokees.




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