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English Audio Request

174 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Try to be as expressive as possible please. Thank you.

The Trail on Which We Cried.

I live in Oklahoma, I am Cherokee
In our language we would say, ‘‘I am Tsalagi’’.
Many years ago it was and far, far away
I was a child and my memory fades.
The soldiers came into our house
My father wanted to fight,
My mother said, ‘‘No they’ll kill us all’’,
So we went without a fight.
My brother drove the wagon, and my parents walked beside.
That I can remember from the trail on which we cried.

My mother begged the soldiers at the stockade
To go back for some blankets and food she had made.
Some widows came with us as we rode along
One of them sang me a lullaby song.
The people grew weary of salt pork every day
My father hunted for food along the way.
Much is forgotten over the years,
The road was so muddy, muddy with tears
There was a lot of sickness, so many children died
That’s all I can remember on the trail on which we cried