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Portuguese Audio Request

64 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

I live in Lisbon I would prefer a European accent instead of a Brazilian.
This is a list of vocabulary words I would like to learn. It is only necessary to read the Portuguese part.
Se possível, preferiria um sotaque europeu, em vez de um sotaque brasileiro.
Esta é uma lista de palavras do vocabulário que eu gostaria de aprender. Só é necessário ler a parte de Português.

dizer To Say
digo I say
dizes you say
diz he says
dizemos we say
dizem they say
disse I (he) said
disseste You said
dissemos We said
disseram They said

dormir to sleep
durmo I sleep
dormes You sleep
dorme He sleeps
dormimos We sleep
dormem They sleep
dormi I slept
dormiste you slept
dormiu he slept
dormimos we slept
dormiram they slept



Oct. 18, 2010

Like the other request, I've recorded it but I have a Brazilian accent. If anyone with accent from Portugal can record it, please do so.

@rcrichards: Hope it helps for a while :)