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English Audio Request

121 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

natural speed if possible.
Thanks in advance.
British English if possible.

Many thanks to the kind recorder.

Hi! I’m in year 6B, in Clinton College, In Bristol, where I live.
Clinton College is not a very big school and that’s cool.
I live at 50 Marston Road, in England. I am English of course. I’m 12 and I’ve got a little sister, Suzie, she’s cute but she’s a baby. She’s only 5.
I’ve got a pet, it’s a guinea pig. Its name is Jackie. Suzie likes it very much, and plays with it a lot. But she gets scared when I take it out of its cage…(laughter!)
Oh yes, sorry, I’m Ronny…Ronny SMITH.
I’m not very tall; I’ve got short straight dark hair and brown eyes. I’m not very strong but I’m very clever…and yes, I’ve got glasses.



Nov. 11, 2015

Thanks in advance to those who could read this very text for me.


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