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Japanese Audio Request

139 Characters / 3 Recordings / 3 Comments
Note to recorder:

not to fast, please
thanks in advance

まれにある この平なる心には 時計の鳴るもおもしろく聴く
さばかりの事に死ぬるや さばかりの事に生くるや 止せ止せ問答
雨降れば わが家の人誰も誰も沈める顔す 雨霽れよかし
東海の小島の磯の白砂に われ泣きぬれて 蟹とたはむる
こみ合へる電車の隅に ちぢこまる ゆふべゆふべの我のいとしさ



June 23, 2011

How beatiful is that! Thank you.

June 23, 2011

No. I'm sure that bekio will be the best reader for these poems.
Ask him to read poems.

June 26, 2011

That's incredibly beautiful! Thanks a lot for you time and voice.


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