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English Audio Request

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What do we think about what men want?

1. Hot Bodies

Most woman feel that men want their women to be super athletic, perfectly weighted or that they should always be dressed to the nines.

2. Sexual Gratification

They say that a man thinks about sex about every 14 seconds. Though does that really men that’s all he wants from a woman?

3. To Be In Control

It’s pretty common for women to believe that men want to be in control. Society and tradition has suggested that this is still a man’s world and that a man should in control of everything about his world. Do you think he really wants to be in control of everything all the time?

What do they really want?

1. Unconditional Love

Most men have been through bad relationships where they were constantly threatened with abandonment. It could have started with their parents, or when they first started dating in school. To be constantly under the threat of losing a relationship over insignificant behaviors, or differences in opinion is horrible. It leaves a guy feeling insecure and shifty in his commitment. Yet time and time again, most relationships are plagued with threats of break ups because of something they did wrong. That leaves a lack of trust in the relationship and makes a guy feel like your love is conditional. It’s only there if he does things that please you. How would you feel if every little thing you did, could mean the end of a relationship that you otherwise enjoy?

Men want to feel that their partners love them unconditionally. They want to know that even though you might be unhappy when they misbehave, that they aren’t going to lose you and that they will have a chance to make things better. This will not only help them trust in the relationship, but if there ever does come a time when you really would leave them over their actions, that they will respect what you have to say. When you are constantly threatening to leave them, or kick them out, it becomes an empty threat. Empty threats simply leave to more fights, less progress and a ruined relationship.

2. Respect

Way to many woman engage in disrespectful acts with their male mates. The worst part is, most woman just don’t realize they are doing this. They might think they are playfully ribbing their man. They might feel that because he is a man, he should be able to take what they dish out. Most woman, are simply used to behaving a certain way and don’t take the time to step back and think about whether or not they are respecting their mate.

3. Loyalty

There is not a single person on this either who wants to find out they’ve been cheated on when they were in a committed monogamous relationship. That includes every man on this earth. If you are in an exclusive relationship with a man, then there is no room for other flings, dates or excursions with other men. If you need an open or polygamous relationship, then make that clear from the beginning. NO messing around.

4. Clear Direction

Many woman have a habit of over explaining their needs or expectations. I am no angel when it comes to this issue. It wasn’t until my husband sat down with me out of frustration and told me he had no idea what I really wanted, because I over explained it. I made a simple matter of miscommunication, into an entire lecture about what I needed from him. Sadly, I’m not alone in doing this. Many woman get into trying to communicate with their men and they over do it. It’s mostly a matter of gender behaviors. Woman are very cerebral and detailed oriented. Where men are often more direct and concise. Men really want the chance to please you as often as they can and you can give that to them through have short and clear directions about your needs, desires and expectations in the relationship.

5. A Woman Who Takes Care of Herself

A man wants a woman who takes care of herself. That doesn’t mean that she needs to be a beauty queen, super skinny or best dressed all the time. What it does mean, is that you need to smell good, wear clean clothes, clean up after yourself and to take care of yourself. You also need to show that you still enjoy looking extra special for your man when he wants to take you out. No man wants to feel like his woman isn’t interested in looking good for him at least some of the time.

6. Sharing Control

Most men end up being in control of things in the relationship. Where to eat, what to eat, paying the bills, when to do something romantic or special. It’s not that they mind that in most situations, but every man loves a woman who takes some of the control. In a relationship, decisions should be a shared effort. You should not have all the control and neither should he. Sometimes you can decide you want to go out to eat to your favorite restaurant. Sometimes you can decide to plan a romantic adventure. You might decide that you want an afternoon quickie and that’s okay too!

Not only does shared control give both partners the chance to be respected and in control, it also gives your man a good example of what you really like. They really like this, because when they are in control, they will feel like they can choose to do something you both like.

7. To Be Romanced

In our society, romance is often left up to the man. This would be an interesting way to do it, if each boy in the world were handed a real world manual on how to be romantic. Otherwise the only examples of romance are in the movies and most of them are unrealistic adventures. So most men are unaware of what it takes to woo you, or how to keep thing spiced up. By being the one to romance them, you can give them a good example of ways they can romance you in return. It’s a starting place if nothing else.

So what men really want from a woman, is to be loved, respected and appreciated. Treat them as you would want them to treat you. Remember that for every flaw or annoyance you find in them, you have equal flaws and annoying habits that they have to put up with as well.



Oct. 13, 2011

nice voice!!!


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