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English Audio Request

53 Words / 1 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

I would really appreciate it if someone could correct it naturally, and pronounce it in British English.

"Ryoko" is common name in Japan, but there are many varied "Ryoko". Because we Japanese have 3 kind of characters, "Hiragana", "Katakana", "Kanji". Particularly Kanji is very varied, so my name "Ryoko" is fewer than all of "Ryoko". "Ryo" means "cool" or "refreshing", "Ko" means "kid" or "girl", so it means "cool kid".



Sept. 15, 2013

I'm sorry, I don't know how to pronounce "Ryoko".

Sept. 15, 2013

Dear Annisele,

I really appreciate your kind recording.
I am sorry I did not mention the pronunciation of "Ryoko", but your pronunciation of "Ryoko" is correct.
Thank you very much again.

Ryoko Naito


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