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English Audio Request

253 Words / 3 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

I have a weekly journal which I record my voice reading in the foreign languages I am studying. You are more than welcome to record your voice too! (Even if you are studying the languages as a foreign langauge.) :)


Hello everyone! This week I finished my school and spent the weekend with relatives. I haven't seen them in 6 years! I am happy to see them return to Georgia, because I finally get my bedroom back. >:)

I still have lots of leftover homework to do over the winter break! I hope I don't spend too much time studying. I never seem to get a full vacation ever. There is always something. :S

Tomorrow I start reviewing kanji again. I have forgotten probably 500! I want to add another 1000 before the new year. Also I have to upload my Japanese lessons to my website for January. I can't wait to start language study again! :)

I wanted to keep this journal short because it's my first Sunday quad-lingual journal. XD Once I recieve all your corrections I will record myself reading my entries. :0 Scary stuff since my Korean is SO bad! I blame my poor Korean on the lack of good online dictionaries. There is nothing good available. :<
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


大家好!這星期,學期終於結束了。我與親戚一起度過週末了。 6年沒見到他們了!不過我很開心他們回佐喬治亞州去,因為我終於能睡在自己的床上了。我寒假還有許多功課的。我不希望花太多時間在學習上。明天我會開始複習學習漢字。(繁體字) 新年之前,我大概忘了五百個字吧!我想在新年前學習千個新的漢字。我很樂意接受大家的修改,我唱片日記。謝謝。聖誕快樂!!!





今日の日記は初めての4カ国語を用いる日記なので、縮めてみようと思いました。(#^0^#)> もう暗くなって眠いし、明日中国語と韓国語で書きます。(残念ですね!)皆さんに添削してもらってから、自分で日記を録音してみますよ。こわいッ!僕の韓国語は足りないのまだまだですが。オンライン辞書がないせいにしておきます。いい辞書を見つかりません。(ウ_ウ’)


제 한국어 실력이 너무 형편 없어서 걱정이 되요.

안녕하세요! 이번 주, 이번 학기가 끝나면 가족과 함께같이겨울을 보낼거예요.
가족을 6년만에 만나는 거예요.

겨울 방학 동안 해야 할 숙제가 많이 있어요. (ㅋ.ㅋ')

내일, 저녁에 한자공부를 시작하려고 해요. 한자를 500개 정도는 잊어 버렸습니다. (니다 예요) 이것을 섞어 써도 괜잖아요? (ㅂ_ㅂ') 저는 공부 하고 싶어요.

저는 사전를 찾고 있습니다. (일한/영한) 돕습니다?

감사합니다! 메리크리스마스!!! ( ㅅㅁㅅ)/



Dec. 29, 2010

I forgot the "明" in "明日" and I wrote "ㅁ" isntead of "ㅂ"! Oops! This isn't the final journal. XD


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