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English Audio Request

125 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Take your time to read as it is a poem. Thanks!

I am...
I am...Jayendrakumar
I am a teenager who loves criket.
I wonder if there are animals who can speak.
I hear a plane near me.
I see a man with four hands.
I'd like to go to every country .
I am a teenager who loves crickets.

I pretend to be a policeman.
I feel upset when I see criminals.
I can touch my heart with my hands.
I can save people in need.
I'd like to be happy.
I am a teenager who loves cricket.

I understand the poverty in the world.
I say all pupils are the same.
I dream of being a painter.
I'd like to have good results at school.
I am a teenager who loves cricket.

Jayendrakumar, Sri Lanka




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