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English Audio Request

230 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

phone call between 3 people
Medium speed please

Mrs. March : Hello?
Jenny : Good evening Mrs. March. This is Jenny calling. I’d like to speak to Lily please?
Mrs. March: Hello Jenny. Hold on please. Lily? Lily? Telephone, it’s Jenny.
Lily: Hi Jenny! What’s up?
Jenny: Hi ! I'm alright. Would you like to come to my pyjama party?
Lily: A pyjama party!? Awesome! Thanks! Who is invited?
Jenny: I invited 7 girls in our class. My mother will help me prepare and decorate my house with candles and balloons. We will stay at my place, in my living room or in my bedroom. It will be so much fun : we will gossip and laugh… We will listen to Justin Bieber and all my CDs. And we will eat popcorn and pizza and loooooots of candies of course! My parents won’t be home. It will be so GREAT!!
Lily: Oh yes! It will be terrific! I would LOOOVE to come! When is it?
Jenny : This Saturday.
Lily: This Saturday? Oh… At what time will it be exactly?
Jenny : At 6 pm.
Lily: Oh no… I’d like to come but I can’t... It’s my little brother’s birthday party. And we will goi to the restaurant and then to the movies. He would like to see Avengers.
Jenny : Oh… what a pity! Ok I’ll see you on Monday at school then! Bye!
Lily : Bye…




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