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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

I wanna know right American accent for this intro.

Hi my name is Mostafa Elsawi, I earned my Bachelor degree in commerce and business administration english section from Helwan university, I have an experience of Marketing, accounting, Sales, computer science and a little of graphic design. I have 2 years at the Digitalmarketing, because I was the owner of an online store. We were an integrated team and I was the person who cares about digital marketing in addition to managing the project. and a year in telesales, My work made me skilled and able to work under pressure, For example, I have dealt with some problems and treat them effectively. My project gave me a chance to enhance a Leading role in my character, and can work within a group, by working with partners to solve problems that might face us. I can work hard and deal with tough situations. I am looking forward to improving myself and the company I work with, where I believe that we can not flourish without improving the institute we are working for. I think that I will be a significant addition to your well-known company with my skills and qualifications. my work in my onlinestore as a digital marketer enhanced my abilities, and gave me a very useful experience that makes me fit for this position. for example I can work under any pressure as i told you before and i can solve my work problems by myself. I am a hard worker, a highly motivated and dedicated worker aiming to help achieve company goals and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible.


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