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Italian Audio Request

55 Words / 3 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

I'm looking for the following words read one after another at a slow speed please. I'm trying to train my ear to hear the differences between them. Thank you!

roca, rocca
cacio, caccio
tufo, tuffo
lego, leggo
agio, aggio
velo, vello
camino, cammino
nono, nonno
copia, coppia
bara, barra
casa, cassa
sete, sette
cognato, coniato
campagna, Campania
taglia, Tallia, Talia
lo, l'ho
lo, Lu
se, s'è
se, si
ce, c'è
ce, ci
dardi, tardi
ti, di
due, tue
potte, botte
pere, bere
gara, cara