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English Audio Request

195 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

could you read these sentences as clearly as possible so that my students can hear the sounds of English. Thank you!

Good morning!
Good afternoon!
Thank you !
Sorry, I'm late !
Sorry, I don't understand !
Can you repeat ?
Can you explain ?
Can you spell it ?
Can you help me, please ?
I don't know !
What does … mean ?
How do you say … in English ?
What's the French for ... ?
What's the English for ... ?
Sorry, I haven't got my notebook
Can you lend me a red pen ?
Sorry, I'm late !
Sorry, I forgot my homework !
Can you speak up, please ?
Can we listen again ?
Can you turn up the volume ?
Can I open the window ?
Can I close the window?
Can I have a tissue ?
Can I go to the nurse ?
Can I go to the bin ?
I can't see !
Can you move aside, please ?
Can you switch on the light ?
Can you switch off the light ?
Can I clean the board ?
Can I write on the board ?
Goodbye !
Bye-bye !
See you tomorrow
See you on Monday !
Have a good day
Have a good weekend !




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