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English Audio Request

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It's a massive country, nearly one and a half thousand kilometres at its widest, I guess. But it's the distance north to south that gives it its variety of climate zones. Awesome, really! Down south you've got the sub-Antarctic tundra. There're some wooded areas but the low temperatures mean you don't get much in the way of that, even up through the rolling steppes of Patagonia. There you can see the glaciers, and it’s really the way the sunlight reflects off them early in the morning that gets me every time. There’s some rainforest, too, and as I’m from Queensland, I’m used to the precipitation and temperature of the subtropics, although the swamps and marshes were much more challenging than I expected. I was dreaming of home as the tropical storms broke every night whilst we trekked along jungle trails, pulling off leeches and dreaming of paella. Argentina has all the variety and meteorological range of weather but in a lot of ways it’s mellower. What was really special was being able to travel from a pleasant temperate climate to an arid desert all in one bus journey. Argentina’s big, but Australia’s bigger. I would gladly recommend a visit to this wonderful country to anyone seeking adventure and spectacular natural beauty, ranging from beautiful mountain vistas to long low grasslands and everything in between.




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