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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Australian accent would be a bonus. Thank you!

We stand here this morning on ________ land. We acknowledge the traditional
owners and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay
respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging.
Today, along with Australians everywhere, we gather to remember those who have
served to defend Australia. We do this because it is the anniversary of the day when
Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed on the beach at Gallipoli in Turkey on
25 April 1915. This was the first major military campaign for soldiers from Australia and New Zealand.
Since then, 25 April has been known as Anzac Day. 'Anzac' comes from the name
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It was shortened to ANZAC in 1915. Since then, when Australians and New Zealanders have served together, they have often been known as Anzacs.
At Gallipoli, Australians and New Zealanders served with soldiers from other nations,
including England, France and India. The Australians at Gallipoli came from all sorts
of backgrounds, but they shared the terrible experience of war. Ever since then, for
more than a hundred years, the men and women in our navy, army and air force have
honoured the memory of our original Anzacs.
On Anzac Day, there are many ways to honour people who have served, and those who continue to serve, in Australia's armed forces. We can gather together like this, attend a dawn service or an Anzac Day march. We can also wear a sprig of rosemary as a symbol of remembrance.
Towards the end of the ceremony, The Last Post will be played on a bugle. This historical music was played in army camps to announce the end of the day, a time when soldiers should be resting. The Last Post is played today for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It means that they have done their duty and are now at rest. After The Last Post, there will be one minute of silence. This is a time to think about those who have served in Australia's armed forces, those who continue to serve, and about those who have lost their lives.



May 31, 2023

Hello, it's a US accent but I hope it helps!


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