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English Audio Request

154 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed, thank you !

My favourite robot is Wall-E because I like how gentle and how loving he is.
And I think that … err … I think he looks cuter and more adorable than the other robots, with his big expressive eyes. He also has two long arms, a square body made of metal, but no legs. He can move on caterpillar wheels.
He is the last robot on Earth, his job is to clean it and he is good at that. He can compact a lot of trash.
I really like the fact that he is very protective with Eve, even though he is smaller than her.
Err and I think that he is probably more curious than the others. He is brave too, but maybe a little less than Eve.
And also I think that he is more romantic and passionate than the other robots, ‘cos he is in love with Eve, you know ...



May 24, 2023

Wow, so fast ! Thank you, that's perfect !


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