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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Please read the essay at your natural, not-too-fast speed. If you spot any grammatical or lexical mistakes, please correct it. Thank you!

Topic: Some are of the opinion that people are naturally born as good leaders while others feel that leadership skills can be learned. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Model answer:

It is often said that important people are born with certain characteristics that enable them to become great leaders. The alternative view is that leadership is a learnable quality. Personally, I agree with the latter viewpoint because training and experience are more important than innate ability in this situation.

It is somewhat true that many individuals are born with distinctive personal traits that allow them the opportunity to become talented leaders. Leaders tend to be those who are charming and persuasive. In contrast, those who lack these characteristics may have a difficulty inspiring the belief and loyalty that all leaders require and end up as followers rather than leaders. For instance, a salesman who often fails to convince his clients to sign a deal may be dissuaded from becoming the sales team leader since he does not believe that he has what it takes to be one. The more convincing salesmen are more likely to rise to that role.

However, there are also people who assert that leadership skills can actually be achieved through proper training and effort. That is why there are a larger number of institutes offering leadership training programmes helping those who want to learn the skills required to be a leader. Public speaking is one of many skills these schools can teach. Individuals who are shy and lack confidence can find their feet in the leadership battle by learning the essence of good body language, pronunciation, and other elements of good public speaking. This will in turn make them better leaders.

In conclusion, although some traits related to leadership are likely inherited, there is tremendous room for people to grow into positions of responsibility if they apply themselves fully to learning the skills and personal characteristics of great leaders.



Aug. 23, 2020

Thank you a lot!


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