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English Audio Request

335 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

USA English Accent please.
I'm going have interview for the U.S visa soon.
I really need the audio file for practice.
Please, help me to pass through the interview.
if there are word to fix, pls just fix it.

Q. What is purpose of your visa application?
A. The purpose of my visa application is participating in the exchange visitor program

Q. Where and how long do you expect to be in the US?
A. For 18months, I will participate in the exchange visitor program at American Motif King in California.

Q. Do you want to have your job in the US?
A: No, I don’t want to have a job in the US. After finishing the program, I will come back to Korea and continue to my current business.

Q: What kind of program are you applying for?
A: My program is J-1 exchange visitor program

Q: Please tell me about your Host Company.
A: It is a kind of printing manufacturing company,

Q. What’s your job?
A : I worked as a graphic designer from 2003 to 2007. And then I am running my own business concerning graphic design until now.

Q. Why do you choose the US for this program?
A. I want to improve my ability through various experiences and I have a hope to share my learning to my communities in Korea.

Q. After this program, what do you want to work in your country?
A: I will continue to my work in the same field.

Q: What are you going to study in this exchange visitor program?
A: I hope to learn advanced system in the U.S where has developed facility about graphic design than our country.

Q. What will you do at American Motif King? /or/ Could you tell me what your task will be undertaken?

A : I will study decoration, printing skills and the processing and general technique.

Q . How do you know the American Motif King?
A : The previous boss recommended me.

Q. How do you know the exchange vistor program.
A. I found it from Internet.

Q: How much will you get paid? /or/ How much do you make from the program?
A1: I’ll get paid about 2500 dollars per month.



April 1, 2012

wow. It's very nice!!
Thank you very much.!!!


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