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Indonesian Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

I often have trouble understanding, so now I want to try out the minimal list test from Fluent Forever. Please try to speak slowly and pronounce as clearly as possible. Thank you so much! And

masa - masak
rusa - rusak
kota kotak
tapa - tapak
sama - samak
sisi - sisik
adu - aduk
tua - tuak,
punca - puncak
muda - mudah
tampan - tampang
ulat - ular
bidan - bidang
bakar - pagar
lama - lamar
lima - liman
buni - bunyi
suni - sunyi
cerah - cegah
ular - ulat
malan - malang
bakar - bagar - pagar - pakar
padan - padang
bidan - bidang
kenal - kenyal
boron - borong
tujuh - tuju
massa - masa
sanksi - sangsi
bank - bang
khas - kas
babad - babat
olah - olak
suji - suci
cari - jari
jual - cual
curi - juri
ahli - ali


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