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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Please read the names of the places and people as you would normally read them. Thank you.

Morano is one of the most peculiar and suggestive centres of Calabria, City of Art of the Region and of National Parc of Pollino. The town stands on a hill at about 700 meters of Altitude and it has as natural background the
calabrian side of the Pollino massif. The tops of the Dolcedorme and of the Sierra del Prete. The inhabited centre is a singular panoramic view, on the large valley of the Coscile river (the old Sybaris), once strategic outpost, cultural and commercial crossroads, where during the centuries, since the Magnae Grecia (Great Greece) age, one of the isthmian roads between the Ionian and the Thirrhenian. During the roman age they date back the placename Muranum and Summuranum, from wich derives the current name of the town. The first, the oldest, appears in a ancient milestone of the 200 b.C., found in Polla, in the wall of Diano. In the Milestone of Polla, Muranum results as "station" of the Regio-Capuam, an ancient roman consular road, usually known as Popilia-Annia, that was the only way to access Calabria along the dry land.


  • History of Morano-part 1 ( recorded by goats ), Pennsylvania (Northeastern American; Lehigh Valley)

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