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English Audio Request

195 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Read the names of People and places the way you would normally pronounce them. Thank you

The ruins of the Collareto Monastery (15hundred 46) lie at 7 km from the inhabited area (near the Motorway exit to Morano), in a resort rich in woods located just at the slopes of the Pollino Mountain.

The followers of Saint Augustinus, stand out among the other ecclesiastical orders existing in Morano, for the commissions of high artistic content that they let arrive at their church.

The cenoby could infact enjoy the protection of many nobles of the place, in addition to the special generosity of Erina Kastriota Skanderberg, wife of the feudatory Pietro Antonio Sanseverino, for the grace received at the birth of Nicola Bernardino, the last of the Sanseverino Family.

The congregation of the hermits of Collareto, ufficially known in 1604, that became very powerful and rich, with time it was suppressed: the first time in 1751 and then in 1809 for good, with laws made by Murat that provided for the abolition of the monasteries and of all other rich landowner religious orders. After these events, the prestigious pieces of Art kept in the Church of the Collaretani, converged in town, in the churches of Morano, where you can still admire them.



July 13, 2012

Some of those words I found very hard to pronounce and I had ten attempts at the recording, this includes some of the English words that are usually just written and not spoken.


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