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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

slow pace

Cassius: You’ll need to cover up if you want to go in there. This is a house of worship.
Brittany: All right, if you say so. I don’t really want to go into this mosque or temple or whatever it is.
Cassius: Keep your voice down. Can’t you see that there are people at the altar in prayer?
Brittany: I’ll just stay outside. Maybe I’ll walk over to that building over there with the dome and steeple.
Cassius: That’s not a steeple. It’s a minaret, and that’s a mosque. You’re definitely not going in there dressed like that.
Brittany: Why not? I’m curious about other religions. I just want to see what it’s like inside and take lots of pictures.
Cassius: These are holy places. You can’t just barge into a house of worship to satisfy your curiosity.
Brittany: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me wanting to observe local people worshipping their gods. I’m very interested in the local culture.
Cassius: Would you like a tourist coming into your church and taking pictures of you while you’re in prayer?
Brittany: I don’t belong to a church, but if I did, I’d welcome anyone who wanted to have a look.
Cassius: Other members of your congregation might not feel that way, but do what you like. I’ll be right here ready to dust you off when they give you the boot!




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