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Thai Audio Request

314 Characters / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

I'm trying to train myself to hear the difference between some of the Thai sounds (especially b-bp and d-dt) by creating flashcards with similar words. If you have any suggestions of other words that sound the same, please include them.

Sorry for all of the English, my Thai isn't good enough to explain this yet. :P

ดี dii (good) //ตี dtii (hit) // ที tii (turn
เดา dao (guess) // เตา dtao (stove)// เทา tao (gray)
ใบ bai (leaf) // ไป bpai (go)// ภัย pai (danger)
เบ็ด bèt (fishhook) // เป็ด bpèt (duck) // เผ็ด pèt (spicy)
นา naa (rice field) // งา ngaa (sesame)
ถุง tǔng (bag) // ถึง tʉ̌ng (arrive)
กลัว gluua (scared) // เกลือ glʉʉa (salt)
ซี sii (letter C) // สี่ sìi (four) // สี sǐi (color)



Aug. 10, 2014

Thank you so much. Was looking for something like this :)


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