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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

slowly and clearly please for beginner students of English - British English preferred for target audience.

1 Survival language (Ref.: A1)

1.1. Basic interaction

a) Hi

b) Hello

c) Goodbye

d) Good morning

e) Good afternoon

f) Good evening

g) Good night

h) Yes

i) No

j) OK

k) Please

l) Thank you

m) You’re welcome

n) Excuse me

o) Sorry

1.2 Greetings

a) Hi

b) Hello (phone)

c) How are you?

d) Nice to meet you

e) Pleasure to meet you

1.3. Good-byes

a) Goodbye (formal)

b) Bye (informal)

c) See you later

d) See you tomorrow

e) Till next time

f) Have a nice weekend

g) Thanks for a good time

h) All the best

i) Thanks for inviting me

1.4. Comprehension phrases and questions

a) I don’t understand

b) I don’t know

c) I don’t speak Portuguese

d) Do you speak English?

e) What did you say?

f) Please speak slowly

g) Just a little bit

h) Sorry, I don’t understand

i) Can you write that down for me please?

j) Can you repeat that, please?

k) I think so

l) I don’t believe so

m) A moment, please

n) No problem

o) Absolutely

p) I’m learning Portuguese

q) What’s the Portuguese for this?

r) What do you call this in Portuguese?

s) What does it mean?

1.5. Small talk and plesantries

a) How are you?

b) Fine

c) Where are you from?

d) I’m from Germany

e) I’m Canadian

f) My name’s John

g) What’s your name?

h) Nice to meet you

i) Where do you live?

j) Where are you from?

k) Where do you work?

l) What do you do?

m) How old are you?

n) Are you Brazilian?

o) Do you have children?

1.6 Special occasions

a) Have a nice trip

b) Bon appetite

c) Happy birthday!

d) Happy Easter!

e) Happy new year!

f) Merry Christmas!

g) Congratulations!

1.7 Cardinal numbers

1 one
2 two
3 three
4 four
5 five
6 six
7 seven
8 eight
9 nine
10 ten
11 eleven
12 twelve
13 thirteen
14 fourteen
15 fifteen
16 sixteen
17 seventeen
18 eighteen
19 nineteen
20 twenty
21 twenty-one
22 twenty-two
23 twenty-three
24 twenty-four
29 twenty-nine
30 thirty
40 forty
50 fifty
60 sixty
70 seventy
80 eighty
90 ninety
100 one hundred, a hundred
101 one hundred and one
102 one hundred and two
125 one hundred and twenty-five
200 two hundred
300 three hundred
400 four hundred
500 five hundred
600 six hundred
700 seven hundred
800 eight hundred
900 nine hundred
1,000 one thousand, a thousand
1,020 a thousand and twenty
1,345 – a thousand, three hundred and forty-five
2,000 two thousand
3,000 three thousand
1,000,000 a million
2,000,000 two million
4,456,739 four million, four hundred and fifty-six thousand, seven hundred and thirty-nine
1,000,000,000 – one billion

1.8 Ordinal numbers

1st first
2nd second
3rd third
4th fourth
5th fifth
6th sixth
7th seventh
8th eighth
9th ninth
10th tenth
11th eleventh
12th twelfth
13th thirteenth
14th fourteenth
15th fifteenth
16th sixteenth
17th seventh
18th eighteenth
19th nineteenth
20th twentieth
21st twenty-first
22nd twenty-second
30th thirtieth
40th fortieth
50th fiftieth
100th hundredth
101st one hundred and first
1000th thousandth

1.9 Measurements

a) centimeter

b) feet

c) inch

d) kilometer

e) meter

f) mile

g) millimeter

h) yard

1.10 Dimensions

a) height

b) depth

c) length

d) width

1.11 Percents

a) 10% ten percent

b) 20% twenty percent

c) 100% one hundred per cent

1.12 Fractions

a) ½ one half

b) ¼ one fourth

c) ¾ three fourths

d) whole

e) 0.5 zero point Five

f) 3.4 three point four

1.13 Days of the week

a) Monday

b) Tuesday

c) Wednesday

d) Thursday

e) Friday

f) Saturday

g) Sunday

1.14 Months of the year

a) January

b) February

c) March

d) April

e) May

f) June

g) July

h) August

i) September

j) October

k) November

l) December

1.15 The time

a) Do you have the time, please?

b) What time is it please?

c) It’s two o’clock

d) It’s (a) quarter past seven

e) It’s half past three

f) It’s ten to eight

1.16 Colors

a) beige

b) black

c) blue

d) brown

e) dark green

f) gray (grey)

g) green

h) light blue

i) orange

j) pink

k) purple

l) red

m) white

n) yellow

1.17 Questions words

a) Where?

b) When?

c) At what time?

d) To where?

e) With whom?

f) From where?

g) What?

h) Who?

i) How?

j) Whose?

k) Why?

l) Why not?

m) To whom?

n) Which one?

o) What kind?

p) How much?

q) How much is it?

r) How many?

s) About whom?

1.18 Useful words and phrases

a) A little

b) A lot

c) And

d) Another

e) Bad

f) Big

g) But

h) Closed

i) Come in!

j) Congratulations!

k) Entrance

l) Everything

m) Exit

n) For

o) Get out!

p) Good

q) Good luck!

r) Here

t) I feel ill

u) I want to see a doctor

v) I’ll phone you

x) I’m hungry

w) I’m thirsty

y) I’m tired

z) It’s boring

aa) It’s cold

cc) It’s great!

dd) It’s hot

ee) It’s near here

ff) It’s too far away

gg) Later

hh) Left

ii )Less

jj) More

kk) Nothing

ll) Now

mm) Open

nn) Pull

oo) Push

pp) Quickly

qq) Right

rr) Sit down!

ss) Slow down!

tt) Slowly

uu) Small

vv) Something

xx) Sometimes

ww) Stop!

yy) Straight on

zz) That


bbb) Today

ccc) Tomorrow

ddd) What’s the matter?

eee) With

fff) Without

ggg) Yesterday

1.19 Time expressions

a) A bit later

b) A couple of days ago

c) A long time ago

d) After

e) Always

f) At night

g) Before

h) Early

i) Early in the morning

j) Every now and then

k) Every other Day

l) In a couple of weeks

m) In Autumn (or in Fall)

n) In Spring

o) In Summer

p) In the afternoon

q) In the evening

r) In the morning

s) In Winter

t) Last month

u) Last night

v) Last Saturday

w) Last week

x) Last year

y) Late

z) Later

aa) Never

bb) Next Sunday

cc) Next time

dd) Next week

ee) Now

ff) Nowadays

gg) On Christmas Eve

hh) Yesterday

ii) Some days before

jj) Some years ago

kk) Sometimes

ll) The day after tomorrow

mm) The day before yesterday

nn) This morning

oo) Three years ago

pp) Today

qq) Tomorrow

rr) Tomorrow morning

ss) Tonight

tt) Too late

uu) Two weeks ago

vv) Very late

1.20 Typical oral expressions

After you!

All set?

All the best!

Alone at last!

And how!

And that’s all!

Anybody home?

Are you OK?

As you say

Big deal!

Bless you! (sneezing)

Calm down!

Cheer up!


Count me in

Count me out

Cross my heart!

Cut it out!

Damn (it)!

Dinner is served

Don’t I know it?

Don’t mention it

Don’t you dare!

Enjoy yourself

For heaven’s sake!

Forget it!

Get lost!

Get well soon

Go for it!

God only knows!

Guess what?

Hands off!

Have a good time!

Have a nice day!

Have a safe trip!

Have fun!

Have you heard the latest?

Heads or tails?

Heaven forbid!

Help yourself!


Here you are!

Hold your horses!

How dare you?

How have you been?

Hurry up!

I beg your pardon?

I couldn’t care less!

I didn’t mean to hurt you

I hope I’m not disturbing you

I love you

I mean it!

I miss you

I see!

I’d love to...

I’ll be right back

I’ll get it

I’m sorry to hear that

It never rains, but it pours

It’s not what you think!

It’s on me!

It’s up to you

Keep the change

Knock on wood!

Ladies first!

Listen to this!

Look who’s here!

Make yourself at home

May I come in?

May I have your attention, please?

Mind your own business!

Mum’s the word!

My pleasure!

My sympathy

Nice talking to you

No comment!

No kidding!

No way!

Nothing doing!

Now what?

Says who?


Serves you right!

Shame on you!

Shut up!

Sleep tight

So what?

Sweet dreams!

Take your time

That’s all!

That’s very nice of you

The same to you

This way, please

Time’s up

Wait a minute!

Wait and see!

Wanna bet?

Watch out!

Watch your step

What a pity!

What a shame!

What are you doing here?

Who do you think you’re talking to?

Will you marry me?

You bet!

You can’t miss it!

You don’t say!

You said it!

You tell ’em!

You’re my guest

Your tough luck!




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