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English Audio Request

152 Words / 3 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Not too fast please! This recording will be used as an oral comprehension test (another one in fact!!!) for my 12-13 year-old students.
If I could have two different accents, that would be great!!
Last thing, make sure you leave one second of silence after the last word.
Thank you for your help!

I like creating superheroes. Here is one of my latest creations.
Johnny Phillips, alias The Great Fighter, is an English dentist.
He was born in Manchester, on April 3rd, 1981.
Johnny has (got) short, straight brown hair and brown eyes. He has (got) a long face. He has (got) lots of freckles and a thin moustache.
He is of average height (he is 1 metre 85 tall) and he is slim (he weighs 73 kilos).

When he is The Great Fighter, Johnny wears a special outfit: he wears a yellow bodysuit with a brown belt, brown boots and brown gloves. He also wears a brown mask. His favourite weapon is the whip, but he sometimes uses a magical staff.

The Great Fighter can control the sun and he can also become invisible when it rains.

As for his personality, the Great Figther is quite hardworking but very messy. He is sometimes impatient.




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