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English Audio Request

149 Words / 4 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Not too fast please! This recording will be used as an oral comprehension test for my 12-13 year-old students. Thank you for your help!

I like creating superheroes. Here is one of my latest creations.
Amanda Scott, alias The Purple Angel, is an Australian biology teacher.
She was born in Sydney, on April 2nd, 1977.
Amanda has (got) shoulder length, wavy red hair and blue eyes. She has (got) a round face. She has (got) small ears and lots of freckles.
She is of average height (she is 1 metre 65 tall) and she is quite slim (she weighs 54 kilos).
When she is The Purple Angel, Amanda wears a special outfit: she wears a purple bodysuit with white gloves and white boots, a white belt and a white cape. Her favourite weapon is the bow.
The Purple Angel has (got) special wings. With her special wings, she can fly. She can also stop time.
As for her personality, the Purple Angel is very courageous but quite stubborn. She is also sometimes moody.