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English Audio Request

160 Words / 3 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Not too fast please. This recording will be used as an oral comprehension test for my 12-13 year-old students. Thank you for your help!

I like creating superheroes. Here is one of my latest creations.
Billy Collins, alias The Secret Prince, is a Canadian train driver.
He was born in Vancouver, on August 21st, 1972.
Billy has (got) short, curly black hair and green eyes. He has (got) a square face. He has (got) dimples and a thin beard.
He is quite small for a man (he is 1 metre 68 tall) and he is a little plump (he weighs 77 kilos).
When he is The Secret Prince, Billy wears a special outfit: he wears a black armour with a grey helmet. His favourite weapon is the sword. He has also got / He also has a shield.
The Secret Prince has (got) special glasses. With his special glasses, he can see through walls. The Secret Prince can also jump very high in the sky.
As for his personality, the Secret Prince is extremely adventurous but a little impulsive. He is also often grumpy.



Sept. 27, 2015

It is so nice to have two different accents! My students will listen to both. Thanks a lot!