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English Audio Request

294 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. The medicine is slow to act.
2. The drug acts upon the brain.
3. Acids act on metals.
4. This is the action replay.
5. Actions speak louder than words.
6. People must be judged by their actions.
7. What were his actual words?
8. Is this the actual picture?
9. What is the actual price?
10. There is no actual contract.
11. Actually, I am her brother.
12. I wasn't there, actually.
13. What did he actually say?
14. The ship broke adrift.
15. He cut the boat adrift.
16. He turned him adrift.
17. That dirty old man made advances to my wife.
18. We booked a table in advance.
19. My boss has made me an advance payment.
20. He advanced to the rank of captain.
21. Our products are to be shown off to best advantage.
22. We have to turn this business to our advantage.
23. It was a strange affair.
24. I think it will be a big affair.
25. He is the secretary of foreign affairs.
26. You have to put your personal affairs in order.
27. Your sister had an affair with an older man.
28. We can afford it.
29. We can't afford a new car.
30. This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.
31. The old woman ran after the hooligan brandishing her umbrella.
32. This picture was painted after Goya.
33. He is named after his father.
34. I see what you're after.
35. She is after a husband.
36. I've told you again and again.
37. You owe me £1,000 and as much again in interest.
38. Refund available against this voucher.
39. We've sold a thousand this year against two thousand last year.
40. Put it against expenses.




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