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English Audio Request

268 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. What a house!
2. What a nice house!
3. What girls!
4. What pretty girls!
5. What an interesting book I'm reading!
6. What an attractive face that girl has got!
7. How difficult this crossword is!
8. How tall that woman was!
9. What a terrible meal this is!
10. How stupid you are!
11. What a curious story that is!
12. What terrible coffee!
13. What horrible men!
14. How wide this river is!
15. What beautiful girls there are in this town!
16. How clever you were to answer the question!
17. How lucky you were to win the lottery!
18. What a large mansion this is!
19. What a waste of time!
20. How heavy these cases are!
21. How difficult it is to answer all these questions!
22. What awful weather we are having!
23. What strange houses there are in this village!
24. What wonderful coffee you make, Mrs Martin!
25. What nonsense you're saying!
26. What clever people there are in this town!
27. What long queues there are to take/catch the bus!
28. What a fantastic bargain I found in that shop!
29. What horrible beer this is!
30. How untidy the room is!
31. What an idiot that man is!
32. What a haircut you've got!
33. How dark the tunnel was!
34. What a nice motorway this is!
35. How good this motorway is!
36. How wonderful this woman is!
37. What a wonderful woman this is!
38. How wide this river is!
39. What a wide river this is!
40. What a silly story this is!




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