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English Audio Request

315 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. This is a race against time.
2. It's four o'clock Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
3. Time is money.
4. That man has done time.
5. We had the time of our life.
6. He timed his speech to 10 minutes.
7. The arrival of the queen was timed for two o'clock.
8. We always have to be on our toes.
9. You stepped on my toes.
10. Keep on your toes.
11. Has the cat got your tongue?
12. At last you've found your tongue?
13. He arrived with his tongue hanging out.
14. He is speaking with his tongue in his cheek.
15. Too bad for you!
16. It looks none too good.
17. He fought tooth and nail.
18. They left in the teeth of the storm.
19. You needn't say it at the top of your voice.
20. She has reached the top of her profession.
21. That boy is top of the class.
22. You are at the top of the list.
23. He is very tall, he tops me by 10 centimetres.
24. And to top it all, the cat died.
25. We'll toss up for it.
26. The bull tossed the bullfighter.
27. I think he has a touch of flu.
28. I keep in touch with events.
29. He got a touch of the sun.
30. Tonight we are going to paint the town red.
31. He is the talk of the town.
32. I can trace my family tree back to the Middle Ages.
33. We are on the right track.
34. The train came off the track.
35. I've lost track of time.
36. We have to throw him off the track.
37. I am in the grocery trade.
38. The trade agreement has been signed.
39. They treated me like a king.
40. It was my birthday so I treated my friend to dinner.




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