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English Audio Request

301 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. We'll go ahead through thick and thin.
2. A little house stood in the thick of the forest.
3. Snow lay thick on the ground.
4. In the thick of the fight there was a voice.
5. This boy is as thin as a rake.
6. The young girl has disappeared into thin air.
7. He has very thin lips.
8. The fog is thinning.
9. My brother's hair has thinned a lot.
10. Poor thing!
11. This dress is the latest thing.
12. Pack your things and go away.
13. The first thing to do is to dry it properly.
14. Well, of all things! What are you doing here?
15. I thought as much!
16. We have to think this out.
17. My thoughts were elsewhere.
18. On second thoughts, I think I'll go.
19. Tell them that our thoughts are with them.
20. The mere thought of it gives me the shivers.
21. He is cutting his own throat.
22. I have a sore throat.
23. The words stuck in my throat.
24. He cleared his throat.
25. Every time I hear that song I get a lump in my throat.
26. I'm through with her forever.
27. I'll be through with you in a second.
28. The poor woman threw a fit.
29. You have to throw out the rubbish.
30. He thrust a knife into his heart.
31. He thrust it into his pocket.
32. He thrust out his chest.
33. Her house is neat and tidy.
34. He has gone to tidy up his room.
35. We have cultural ties with many countries.
36. They were tied hand and foot.
37. We tied 2-all.
38. She was wearing very tight jeans.
39. We are in a tight spot.
40. Screw the nut on tight.




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