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English Audio Request

309 Words / 3 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. The thought struck me that he might not come.
2. He was struck with panic.
3. He was struck by two bullets.
4. The house was struck by lightning.
5. He struck it rich overnight.
6. The clock struck five.
7. It's a favour with strings attached.
8. I'll have to pull some strings to get the contract.
9. He is the person who pulls all the strings.
10. Your friend doesn't do a stroke of work.
11. We still have to put the finishing strokes to it.
12. They arrived on the stroke of ten.
13. What a stroke of luck!
14. That boy is as strong as an ox.
15. They are strong in numbers.
16. That girl is a nice bit of stuff.
17. I know my stuff.
18. He seems to know his stuff.
19. They stuffed us with food.
20. You are hot stuff.
21. This suits me.
22. She was summoned to appear before a judge.
23. He took out a summons against his neighbour.
24. I woke up in a sweat.
25. We were dripping with sweat.
26. I'm going to make him sweat his guts out.
27. The Bulgarian team made a clean sweep of the awards.
28. He swept the room with a glance.
29. Your son has a sweet tooth.
30. What a sweet little girl!
31. Membership has swollen to 500.
32. Her eyes were swollen with tears.
33. I swim like a brick.
34. The party is in full swing.
35. Exams are in full swing.
36. It's a question of swings and roundabouts.
37. Public opinion swung in his favour.
38. He swung at me but missed.
39. Now he is back at college he must get back into the swing of it.
40. If you want that job, I think I can swing it.




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