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English Audio Request

309 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. They stamped out the rebellion.
2. They made a stand against the enemy.
3. He is going to stand trial.
4. Let the dough stand an hour.
5. He stood as a candidate at the election.
6. It stands to reason that it can't be true.
7. Your account stands at £100 in your credit.
8. This is the financial standing of the firm.
9. He is a friend of long standing.
10. I'll give you a ten-metre start.
11. What a start you gave me!
12. The sales of the book got off to a good start.
13. We'll have to make a new start.
14. The engine started the first time.
15. Who started this rumour?
16. He got into a state.
17. I have stated my opinion.
18. He stated the case in front of the judge.
19. He stated thet he did not know the accused.
20. The taxi ran into a stationary bus.
21. Prices must be kept steady.
22. My daughter has got a steady job.
23. He lets off steam by going for a run.
24. The train steamed into the station.
25. There was a flight of steps in front of him.
26. We have to take steps to cut down inflation.
27. If he doesn't watch his step, he'll get into trouble.
28. She took a step backwards.
29. He stepped over the corpse.
30. Don't be such a stick-in-the-mud.
31. His parents live out in the sticks.
32. She stuck a flower in her hair.
33. He stuck the letter into his pocket.
34. He sticks to you like glue.
35. Stick them up!
36. I stick to what I said.
37. He has come to a sticky end.
38. I'm stiff with cold.
39. We were all scared stiff.
40. Use stiff cardboard to make the parcel.




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