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English Audio Request

299 Words / 1 Recordings / 3 Comments

1. It's only a short ride by bus.
2. They werw taken for a ride.
3. He rode his horse up the hill.
4. The young woman rode sidesaddle.
5. The moon was riding high in the heavens.
6. She is a bit of all right.
7. By what right do you arrest me?
8. If I remember right.
9. It serves you right.
10. He hit his opponent right and left.
11. Someone is ringing at the door.
12. What's the matter with you? You've got rings round your eyes.
13. You can run rings round all of them.
14. That name rings a bell.
15. Somebody rang at the door at about midnight.
16. A shot rang out.
17. Ring for the lift.
18. He died at the ripe old age of ninety.
19. The time is ripe for action.
20. There was a rise in the crime rate.
21. He rose to an important position.
22. His voice rose in anger.
23. Tears rose to her eyes.
24. The sun rises earlier in summer.
25. I'm going to risk everything on one throw.
26. That man is going to risk his neck.
27. Why don't you hit the road?
28. Some roared with anger, some roared with laughter.
29. I'll have a vodka on the rocks.
30. Old Tom was rocking with laughter.
31. Why don't you rock the baby's cradle?
32. Spare the rod and spoil the child.
33. He took out a great roll of banknotes.
34. The dog rolled in the mud.
35. He used to roll his eyes.
36. My boss is rolling in money.
37. Tears were rolling down her face.
38. Bill will show you the ropes.
39. Don't worry, I know the ropes.
40. Every rose has its thorn.



May 18, 2012

For 12 & 13 I said "around" instead of "round." Americans say it with the "a," and the British say it without.

I've never heard 6 before, "She a bit of all right." Definitely not a part of American English.

May 18, 2012

I don't know enough English, but i think the phrases have been taken from an British English book.
Thank you very much.

May 19, 2012

"She's a bit of alright" is definitely (or at least we use it a hell of a lot) British/Australian. You would hear this phrase in a typical pub all around Australia. It basically means the girl the person is talking about is good looking.



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