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English Audio Request

319 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. It'a a rags to riches story.
2. I feel like a wet rag.
3. The joke raised a laugh.
4. I'd like to raise a point.
5. This reform is going to raise many problems.
6. We are going to raise an army of 100,000 men.
7. They raked the building with machine-gun fire.
8. My uncle is raking in the money.
9. Don't rake up the past.
10. He rammed the car against the wall.
11. He rammed it down the old man's throat.
12. What is the range of this plane?
13. This shop has a wide range of socks.
14. These missiles have a range of five miles.
15. The prices range between one and ten pounds.
16. They close ranks when they are criticized.
17. He joined the ranks of the unemployed.
18. I rank him among the greatest composers of the century.
19. It has a slow rate of growth.
20. The rate of production is very fast.
21. What is the bank rate?
22. He put up in a second-rate hotel.
23. At any rate, that's what I was told.
24. What is the rate of exchange?
25. I rate you among my friends.
26. He gave out a death rattle.
27. My property reaches as far as the eye can see.
28. I'm going to read history at London University.
29. This is a magazine which reads easily.
30. He is reading for the bar.
31. Our regiment brought up the rear.
32. He has a clean record.
33. All this is off the record, of course.
34. There is no record of it.
35. He was as red as a beetroot.
36. He'll see red when he gets the bill.
37. We are in the red at the bank.
38. She requested to be referred.
39. He shows no regard for other people.
40. Give my regards to your parents.




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