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English Audio Request

289 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. They did it for kicks.
2. She kicked up a real fuss.
3. The poor man has kicked the bucket.
4. He is alive and kicking.
5. He was only kidding.
6. No kidding!
7. Stop kidding me.
8. And so we killed two birds with one stone.
9. She was dressed to kill.
10. They are different in kind.
11. There was food of all kinds.
12. They are two of a kind.
13. We have to give him the kiss of life.
14. Kiss your father goodbye.
15. There was a knock at the door.
16. He knocks around with the same gang.
17. Knock it off!
18. The men knock off at six.
19. The picture was knocked down to him for £500.
20. They knock about the streets all day.
21. This is the land of plenty.
22. This is no man's land.
23. It was a land of milk and honey.
24. He landed me in trouble.
25. The cat was lapping up its milk.
26. The waves lapped against the side of the ship.
27. This wedding lark cost me a fortune.
28. They think that's a great lark.
29. My father gets up with the lark.
30. I live in the last house but one.
31. They paid him their last respects.
32. We can last out until the end of the winter.
33. You haven't seen the last of me.
34. He breathed his last.
35. At long last we are here!
36. It is a late summer.
37. That's what my late husband used to say.
38. It happened in the late 19th century.
39. He did it just for a laugh.
40. He who laughs last laughs longest.




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