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English Audio Request

303 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments

1. Whatever happens, I'll be there with you.
2. I happened to see him.
3. He was as happy as a lark.
4. We had a hard time of it.
5. I'm very hard up.
6. I thought long and hard about it.
7. I need hardly say that this is your house.
8. Keep that under your hat.
9. You're talking through your hat.
10. Things are coming to a head.
11. I can't make head or tail of this.
12. Susan is head over heels in love with him.
13. He bit my head off.
14. You have certainly hit the nail on the head.
15. That little boy is standing on his head.
16. His family headed the procession.
17. He won't hear of it.
18. I heard from her yesterday.
19. When I heard that, my heart missed a beat.
20. My heart sank.
21. Go straight to the heart of the matter, will you?
22. My heart was in my boots.
23. Put your heart into your work.
24. I had my heart in my mouth.
25. Don't lose heart.
26. You're a person after my own heart.
27. He rules with a heavy hand.
28. This engine is hard on petrol.
29. The air was heavy with smoke.
30. He is a heavy smoker.
31. He is treading on our heels.
32. They were under the heel of the invader.
33. They took to their heels./ They showed a clean pair of heels.
34. They turned on their heels.
35. It is ten feet in height.
36. Arriving late is the height of bad manners.
37. He was at the height of his career.
38. It was at its height.
39. We were at the height of the storm.
40. They were in the height of summer.



May 6, 2012

Some of these seem off. I'm American so it could just be cultural.

5. I'm very hard up.

-I don't really understand what this would mean-

8. Keep that under your hat.

Keep that just between us.
Keep that under wraps.
-or (very colloquial)-
Keep that on the down low.

9.You're talking through your hat.

-I had to look up what this meant, but I guess a lot of the communication is in context-

28. This engine is hard on petrol.

-This one is very right, but I found it interesting so here's some more examples-

These heels are hard on my feet.

All of this dancing has been hard on my feet.

This dinner has been hard on my diet.


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