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Blackthorne bowed back. The girls led him away and it was not until he was lying on the futons, his cotton kimono loosed, the girl Sono gentling his back. that he remembered he had been naked at the doctor's. in front of the girls and the samurai, and that he had not noticed or felt shame.
"Nan desu ka. Anjin-san?" Rako asked. What is it, Honorable Pilot? Why do you laugh? Her white teeth sparkled and her eyebrows were plucked and painted in a crescent. She wore her dark hair piled high and a pink flowered kimono with a gray-green obi.
"Because I'm happy, Rako-san. But how to tell you? How do I tell you I laughed because I'm happy and the weigh's off my head for the first time since I left home. Because my back feels marvelous- all of me feels marvelous. Because I've Toranaga-sama's ear and I've put three fat broadsides into the God-cursed Jesuits and another six into the poxy Portuguese!" Then he jumped up, tied his kimono tight, and began dancing a careless hornpipe, singing a sea shanty to keep time.