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English Audio Request

160 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please not too fast nor too slow. This is for an intermediate student. Thanks.

This is a patterned Chinese porcelein Ming Vase from an unknown artist. It dates from 1740. One of the previous owners was a Chinese emperor.

This so-called Harrington Commode was manufactured by Thomas Chippendale in England. It is made of mahogany, an excellent wood, and it dates from 1770. The previous owner was the Earl of Harrington.

This beautiful tiara is made of silver and ornamented with emeralds and diamonds. We don't know the name of the artist, but it was made around 1900 in France. Its previous owner was Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

This magnificent Bugatti was made in Italy in 1936. There are only two in existence. It used to be driven by its former owner: the fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

This is a Byzantine oliphant, a musical instrument from the Middle Ages. This specimen was carved in ivory some time in the 11th century. The design shows animal and plant designs.




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