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English Audio Request

286 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

British accent if possible. Not too fast. My pupils will have to guess which famous British character it is. THANK YOU!!

a. He is a very old man with a long white beard. He wears glasses.
b. He is a strong man. He has a beard and a crown on his head.
c. He is a very funny man. He has a red tie and a white shirt.
d. It’s a boy. He has short brown hair and green eyes. He has glasses and a magic wand.
e. It’s a clever little girl. She has straight brown hair and blue eyes. She has magical powers
f. She is extremely small and pretty. Her hair is blond and her eyes are blue. She’s quite jealous and she can fly.
g. He’s a young boy. He has a grey cap and dirty clothes.
h. He is a very elegant man. He has a black suit and a bowtie.
i. She is a very pretty girl. She has a red dress and a necklace.
j. She is a beautiful girl with long curly blond hair. She has a blue dress and a white rabbit.
k. It’s a man. He has medium long straight brown hair and brown eyes. He has a black hat and a red coat. He loves chocolate.
l. He is brave and caring. He has a bow and arrows to fight the bad Sheriff of Nottingham.
m. It’s a boy. He’s very poor and he has got a golden ticket.
n. He’s a famous man. He has a grey hat and a blue scarf. He likes to solve riddles and catch criminals.
o. It’s a woman. She has a hat and an umbrella. She is fond of children.
p. He is a stingy grumpy old man. He has grey hair, a long nose and he hates Christmas.




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