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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

I want to compare British accent with the others.
Every kind of English accent is welcome.
<<Natural speed please.>>

Drop in users

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey spoke to media Wednesday, following the latest report, which showed Twitter's yearly user base -- excluding people who receive tweets as text messages -- dropping from 307 million in 2014 to 305 million in 2015. However, Twitter's loss of $90.2 million in 2015 was an improvement from a $125 million loss the previous year.

Dorsey told reporters that Twitter is revamping its service to include the option of having the "best" tweets in a user's feed to rise to the top, as an alternative to the chronological feeds users are accustomed to.

The announcement has caused some dissent among Twitter users, who have created the hashtag -- meaning a popular topic -- "#RIPTwitter," or "rest in peace, Twitter" -- something normally said about a person who has died.

Dorsey says Twitter's priorities for the year include making it more user-friendly and enhancing its live-streaming video feature. He has even hinted that Twitter's 140-character limit, long a defining feature of the service, may be changed.


  • Twitter Report Disappointing; Founder Hints at Changes (2/2) ( recorded by benji ), United States, California

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  • Twitter Report Disappointing; Founder Hints at Changes (2/2) ( recorded by davebirds ), American (Midwest)

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March 2, 2016

Thank you so much~!


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