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English Audio Request

407 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Record at natural speed with loud voice, please. Leave a very brief pause in each star (*). Thank you in advance.

Changes in company policy have come about gradually as the market has grown.
Marpessa came across the picture of her former classmate while reading a magazine.
My brother doesn't like my friend Mpholo, and I'm afraid he's coming between us.
Fernanda came by to see us before she went to visit her grandparents.
The success of the project all comes down to teamwork.
When we were on vacation, my daughter came down with a bad cold.
A witness came forward to help the police with their investigation.
Yesterday it came out that the mayor had received a bribe for awarding the contract.
Robert lost a lot of money when the economy was bad, but he managed to come through it and build up his business again.
That proposal came up at the last meeting.
Joop didn't dress warmly enough, so he came down with a cold.
I don't know how it came about, but Isa broke her arm.
When police checked his story, it came out that he was lying.
People thought Lars and Erika would stay together forever, but his long hours at the office came between them.
Kimiko came across your sisters when she was in Osaka.
When the doctor announced that the hospital needed blood after the accident, many people came forward.
Marcello came by the new office last Friday.
When I bought my TV, it came down to which store gave the best discount.
Although it was a hard time for us, we came through.
Your name came up at the meeting yesterday.
Everyone was surprised when the news came out that she was leaving the company.
Dan came between the two friends when he offered Mandy the job that Carla wanted.
I'm very grateful to all of you for helping the company to come through a very difficult period.
Your name came up at the party on Saturday.
When the boss asked for volunteers to work late to finish the project, Alia came forward.
I came across two former colleagues of yours at the conference in Istanbul.
I asked Hi-won to come by my office on Thursday to discuss her paper.
How did it come about that Jackie decided to tell the truth?
I'd love to go to France with you, but it all comes down to whether my boss will give me the time off.
Claire had to take a week off because she came down with the flu.


  • 3.2.C. Expressions with 'Come' ( recorded by jwiley ), American (United States)

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  • 3.2.C. Expressions with 'Come' ( recorded by Kyle ), Australian

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